Thursday, November 21, 2019

Placement Portfolio and Interview Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Placement Portfolio and Interview - Essay Example The company’s focus on e-Learning is interesting, e-Learning is a diverse form of learning and teaching, whether it be via CD, the Internet, or shared files on a network (Educational Resources, Apr 2006). It may be because the training curricula will be available to Saudi Aramco’s international employees or it may be because the position is a flexible one, applicable even for someone living outside of Saudi Arabia. If this is the case, the position will be highly sought after. If not, my nationality and education will make me an attractive applicant. I am a Saudi who is fluent in both Arabic and English. I have a diploma in Information Technology and I have studied databases and SQL language at the Community College as well as administrative Sciences and multimedia. I have experience in management and communication, gained at an education company I worked at in Saudi Arabia. After I finished high school in 2004, I went on to study computing network at the Communication College. I then followed a computer Major linked to management. To do this I moved to Abha City and completed a Diploma in Information Technology at the King Khalid University. Here, I obtained general knowledge about comparisons between computing and management through modules such as introduction to database, visual basic and programming. After graduation, the University sent me to an education company that was associated with the ministry of higher education, in Saudi Arabia. I worked there for three months and gained some key management and communication skills. I then moved to Brighton, England in August 2009 and completed a 10-month intensive English course before being awarded a position at the University of Derby to begin a fulltime Bachelor of Science Degree. History: Saudi Aramco, formally known as Aramco [Arabian American Oil Company], was founded in 1933, when the

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