Sunday, March 15, 2020

Accuracy of FAR AND AWAY essays

Accuracy of FAR AND AWAY essays The movie Far and Away is a great depiction of the Oklahoma land rush, as well as immigrant life in the United States. The movie is extremely accurate, and it was hard to find parts of the movie that were not accurate. The movie takes place in the 1800s and starts out in Ireland. In Ireland, tenant farmers were rebelling against landlords after years of poverty. Tom Cruise plays Joseph Donnelly, a poor Irish farmer who seeks revenge after his father's death. In these days there was a big stretch between the rich and the poor, and his landlord was one of the wealthy greed mongers who has done nothing but cause havoc on their lives and make them miserable. He meets Nicole Kidman, and she makes Joseph a proposal, she desperately wants to escape the confines of her wealthy Irish lifestyle in search for land and freedom and excitement that America promises. She had a flyer that she got from an American talking about the free land that was offered in the Oklahoma area. They hop on a boat and come to America. The movie shows the life of immigrants in great detail. Hundreds of beggars and peddlers are on the docks by the boats trying to get people to buy junk. People were being robbed and in the movie, Nicole Kidman was robbed of everything she had. Tom Cruise made a deal with a guy and they got a room in a whorehouse. In real life, immigrants most likely would have lived in boarding houses, not whorehouses, or brothels. There was a difficulty finding jobs because some people would not hire Irish people. This showed the segregation that the Irish had to put up with in life. Immigrants had to get jobs and in the movie they both got jobs in a chicken factory. The factory was shown in great detail. Women worked in the factories and if they took a quick rest, the supervisor would flip out on them and take away their pay for that day. The factories were packed and very full. Everyone was sweating and it really depicted a sw...

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