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Essay on How The Cold War Helped America - 2321 Words

The Cold War was a war that spanned from the end of WWII in 1945 until 1991 when communism influenced by the Soviet Union collapsed. The casualties and losses of the Vietnam and Korean wars, the two major wars fought indirectly between United States and the Soviet Union during the course of the Cold War, would seem like a disaster for both world superpowers. But in fact it was not. The Cold war brought a period of extreme consuming by the United States especially in the nuclear arms race in order to improve the technologies that helped further evolve the power and influence that could be used with United States technology. Over time, these technologies could be shifted more into our daily lives into electronic chips that can be used in†¦show more content†¦Because of the sheer size of these pacts they would lead to negative and destructive conflicts worldwide such as the Vietnam and Korean Wars. While cultural effects of the Cold War were primarily domestic, political battle s between the Soviet Union and the US were mostly fought on an international stage. Politically speaking, the US and Soviet Union were polar opposites at the end of WWII. NATO had 2.6 million troops, 13,000 tanks and 11,000 artillery units. The Warsaw Pact was a little bigger with 4 million troops, 43,000 tanks and 32,000 artillery units. As you can see from appendix A, NATO was made up of mostly countries in Western Europe, while the countries that were part of the Warsaw Pact were situated in Eastern Europe and under the influence of Soviet communism. Even with these large armies at disposal the Cold War became more of a propaganda war than a military war due to the antagonist values between the US representing democracy and the Soviet Union representing communism, as well as the fear to whom would strike first. The speed of technological development during the Cold War was unprecedented. Both sides utilized thousands of scientists and spent millions of dollars developing new technologies. With this development came new military weaponry for both sides. For example, both the US and Soviet Union produced vasts amounts of missiles. The USShow MoreRelatedWwii And The Cold War875 Words   |  4 PagesWWII and the Cold War were two very important wars in the history of the world. They both had a important role in the development of the world. The Cold War impacted society and politics more so than WWII by aiding countries in hopes of making them join their regime, the use of propaganda techniques to portray the other superpower as weak, the fear of annihilation due to nuclear weapons, and the war between communism and democracy. After WWII, much of Europe was left in ruins and millions of peopleRead MoreThe Cold War And The Soviet Union1173 Words   |  5 Pagesin its brief timeline. However, as the alliance between America and the USSR dissolved after the second World War, the relationship between both superpowers began to fluctuate as they competed to spread their varying ideologies. This unique time period became known as the Cold War, a conflict unique as it was not fought with normal methods of warfare. In fact, it was not fought with weapons at all. To fully understand this unconventional war, it is important to understand the background to the hostileRead MoreThe Legacy of the Cold War1083 Words   |  5 Pages The legacy of the cold war and the struggle between the USSR and the United States continued to flourish in large portions in developing countries. The two world powers had different ideologies and were in a battle for supremacy. The Cold War pitted an American led alliance against the Soviet Union divided the economical and political world into two major blocs. The cold war involved a contest of ideologies that intensified after the two great powers, America and the Soviet Union started competingRead MoreCold War Vs. Soviet Union1465 Words   |  6 Pages Cold War Argumentative Paper The cold war lasted from 1947 to 1991 and was the closest that the United State had ever come to total destruction and nuclear war. In this paper I will analyze the main moments leading to the close of the Cold War. The moments leading up to the decision that would end the Cold War are full of tension and uncertainty. In Adzhubei’s account of his visit to America and his meeting with John F.Kennedy and other officials and journalists you can tell that there isRead MoreIb Hl History Ia1632 Words   |  7 PagesHL History Internal Assessment Was President Ronald Reagan the reason for the Cold War’s conclusion? Word Count: 1,634 Was President Ronald Reagan the reason for the Cold War’s conclusion? A. Plan of Investigation This investigation focuses on the impact that President Ronald Reagan had on ending the Cold War between the United States of America and the Soviet Union during the 1980’s. The use of historian argumentation, primary sources, such as Ronald Reagan’s Address to the Nation on DefenseRead MoreStrategic Importance Of Latin America In Cold War And Beyond.1572 Words   |  7 Pages Strategic Importance of Latin America in Cold War and Beyond Background and Introduction The 20th century appears to be most destructive and productive in the history. From revolutions to wars, from colonization’s to independent states, from industrial revolution to Information technology revelation. This century had a lot to offer for historians. This century started with the different revolutions in countries to over throw monarch system, including China, turkey, Russia, and in England which colonizeRead MoreThe Cold War During World War II Essay1185 Words   |  5 PagesThe Cold War was not a military conflict, but was an ongoing political conflict involving both military and economic competition between two superpowers advancing rapidly wanting to be number one. The evolvement of the Cold War began during and after World War I, although the official beginning of the Cold War was in 1945, at the Yalta Conference after World War II. There were many causes of the Cold War, but can be summed up as a battle between capitalism and communism. Also, along with Presid entRead MoreThe Civil Rights Movement : Mary Dudziak1322 Words   |  6 PagesMary Dudziak, author of Cold Rights Civil War, showed how the civil rights movement effected American foreign affairs on an international level. She argued that the international ridicule helped the United States and the Civil Rights movements achieve what it did. She helps explain just how important the Cold War was to the Civil Rights movement and how the Civil Rights movement helped, America refreshes its image in the eyes for the world. However, not just lead and paly a major part in the CivilRead MoreRelationship Between The Cold War And Global White Supremacy853 Words   |  4 PagesThe relationship between the Cold War and global white supremacy is clear from Borstelmann’s writing. He demonstrates how the improvement of race relations both domestic and foreign were a necessity. If the U.S. did not fix how potential allies (specifically all post colonial countries) viewed the U.S., commu nism was sure to spread. Although Latham does not identify race as a reason for modernization both Latham and Borstelmann show that Aligning with these posts countries was necessary to preventRead MoreAnalysis : Riding On The Coat Tails Of Wwii 1058 Words   |  5 PagesRaymond G McCord HST 122 – Final Essay Riding on the coat tails of WWII, America now focused on the spread of Soviet powers across the globe and how to prevent a possible WWIII. According to the notes from week 10 there were 10 million people killed in WWI and 70 million in WWII, and with newfound nuclear knowledge, the world was in fear of WWIII bringing that much more devastation. The attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki proved the possibility of annihilating large populations in an instant, had

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