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Proposal on the Disposal of Old Computers by Recycling Essay

Proposal on the Disposal of Old Computers Arnel Lorenzo CIS/290 April 1, 2013 Eileen Broadhurst Proposal on the Disposal of Old Computers In preparation for the replacement our old computers with new ones here in our company I strongly suggests that all obsolete and non-working machines be recycled and must be disposed of properly according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA ) Standards of Recycling in order not to destroy the environment from its hazardous components. The EPA estimates that, in 2009, 438 million electronic products were sold on the US, and 2.5 million tons were ready for end-of-life management; both numbers are increasing substantially each year (, 2012, Electronics†¦show more content†¦In the selection of the right recycling company, the disposal team shall make a thorough research and make recommendations for me as to the name of the company and why they had chosen such company. My primary requirement is that the company should not only be reputable but also certified, and a participant of the EPAs Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) Electronic s Challenge program. The Challenge has three main goals, namely: 1. Ensure responsible recycling through the use of third-party certified recyclers, 2. Increase transparency and accountability through public posting of electronics collection and recycling data, and 3. Encourage outstanding performance through awards and recognition (, 2012, Electronics Challenge, p. 2). Participants under this program responsibly manage used electronics collected by maximizing recycling and possible reuse, minimize damage to humans and the environment and proper destruction of sensitive information on all recycled machines. Reputable recycling companies must provide written documentation of the disposal procedures, they should tell us where did the hard drive sent or how did they destroy it. We do not want the old machines to be sent to third-world countries dumping ground where it will harm their own people due to its hazardous waste. The company should state it clear how th ey handle dataShow MoreRelatedHazardous Waste Essay2139 Words   |  9 Pageson a daily basis. However, these materials can pose immediate or long-term risks to humans, animals, and plants in our environment when not disposed of properly. E-waste can be defined as electronic consumer items as LCD displays, cell phones, computers, fax machines, stereo equipment, and cameras to name a few. Also included in E-waste are the thousands of miles of cabling required to run the electronic devices. These devices do not disappear when they break, or become obsolete. Some end upRead More Impact on the Environment of Electrical and Electronics Products5276 Words   |  22 Pagesincreased liability for the PCB facility. 1.3nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Disposal of electronic equipments Electronic equipment is considered hazardous because of the presence of lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, and some types of retardants. For example, some monitors can contain up to 27% lead. There are four main ways which electronic equipment can be disposed. They are incineration, resale, donation and recycling. Destruction of electronics equipment means incineration. Businesses are allowedRead MoreIsys 100 Research Paper2122 Words   |  9 Pagesproductive, efficient and a more powerful means of producing resources. However, it has contributed to the world’s environmental challenges and caused detrimental effects on the environment via the pollution elicited by manufacturing, wasteful disposal of computers and components as well as the toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing process which can enter the food chain and contaminate water (Green IT, 2012). Therefore, in recent times, due to global warming and as awareness of environmental dangersRead MoreReducing The Carbon Intensity Of Ict Services3071 Words   |  13 PagesOptimization 6 a) Algorithm efficiency 6 b) Resource allocation 6 5. Approaches for recycling or reuse of out-dated products 8 6. Literature review on e-waste as a problem 9 7. Literature review on resolution of the problem 10 8. Recommendation for green ICT equipment’s. 12 9. Conclusion 13 10. References 14 â€Æ' 1. Abstract The purpose of the report is create awareness and understanding of the Reduction of carbon content and recycling of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) components and to highlightRead MoreJb Hi-Fi5117 Words   |  21 PagesInnovative Sustainable Store Design Proposal 1. Introduction In today’s dynamic and competitive world many retailers have initiated to develop their stores as a brand, therefore creativity and sustainability can be important organizational resource and a desirable approach to differentiate from other competitors. The ―store as brandâ€â€" and retail branding is emerging as one of the most important strategic initiatives in the modern retail industry specially in United States and Europe (CarpenterRead MoreFactors Affecting The Health And Social Care Services2231 Words   |  9 PagesNHS, is the introduction of charges to overseas patients introduced by the British government led by the Tory party. Which makes it illegal for the NHS to see overseas patients free of charge. Economic factors include the consumer expenditure and disposal of income; unemployment and recruitment, labor cost, and funding of health and social care services by the government (Mike Green, 2012). For example, there is a direct link between the willingness of the government to spend money on the health andRead MoreLife Cycle Check17328 Words   |  70 PagesOriented Environmental Strategies (POMS) in Denmark In 1996, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency published a proposal for an intensified product oriented environmental initiative [1]. The purpose was to support and contribute to the development and marketing of cleaner products in order to reduce the impacts associated with production, use and disposal of products. The proposal also outlines the framework needed to promote the availability and sales of environmentally improved products on aRead MoreProcurement Officer6356 Words   |  26 Pagesprocurement function within the business, it can involve the following step s: †¢ Identifying a need †¢ Specifying the requirements to fulfil the needs †¢ Identifying potential suppliers †¢ Ask, quote or tender for bids and proposals †¢ Evaluating bids, quotes, tenders and proposals †¢ Awarding contracts or purchase orders †¢ Tracking progress and ensuring fulfilment †¢ Taking delivery †¢ Inspecting and inventorying the delivery †¢ Paying the supplier Procurement is about the buying of goods or servicesRead MoreShipping Container Homes as an Alternative112526 Words   |  51 Pagesalso led to massive excesses of these containers. In some cases, Cebu imports more goods than it exports resulting to hundreds of empty, unused containers that remain stack in port cities and inland freight terminals. As a result, it poses a serious disposal problem on any shipping company. On another theory, Cebu’s real estate industry growth continued in an upward trajectory as is evident in the number of construction projects in the city. The real estate sector is banking on the robust growthRead MoreA Strategic Plan For An Organization s Envisioned Future 6 8 Essay3469 Words   |  14 Pageswe work on Houses, Apartments, Renovation of buildings etc. These plans are not much longer than a year. Action to consider by you on the plans for Fletcher Building. †¢ Waste separation is important in order to maximize recycling and reduce waste associated with the disposal costs. Make Easy for site staff to separate waste by grouping together various skips so as not to put this waste in the nearest skip. †¢ Turn off the plant when not in use. As well as saving fuel and money and time associated

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